Our first bourbon, small batch, two barrels…  At 84 proof, our straight bourbon whiskey is warm and mellow with just the right amount of bite and barrel spice.  You’ll find it robust, smooth, and approachable.

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Virginia Straight Bourbon

Wheated rye. Unique. Different. Our Virginia rye whiskey forgoes corn in the mash bill, instead using local winter wheat.  This brings a youthful softness balanced with a traditional rye spice.

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Virginia Rye


Smooth Virginia bourbon blended with real maple syrup. Our Virginia maple whiskey begins with J.H. Bards small batch bourbon infused with 100% Virginia maple syrup. The result is a smooth sipper, best served cold or in your favorite cocktail.

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Our Virginia Single Malt is distilled at one distillery in pot stills with 100% malted barley.  We finished this beauty in a toasted barrel that added character and structure for balance.

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American Single


Sourced from local farmers in the heart of Virginia’s New River Valley, our Sinking Creek Vodka is produced from 100% grain and is naturally gluten free with no added flavors or sweeteners.  Distilled six times for a clean, crisp flavor that is perfect on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail

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Sinking Creek Vodka